Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach Walk

After climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge and a quick lunch, we headed out to Coogee Beach to do the coastal walk from Coogee to Bondi Beach. A 3.7 mile walk after a bridge climb makes total sense, right? Actually, it was a wonderful day and I am so glad we did both activities. I enjoyed both of them immensely, mostly because I was with great company. I Googled the walk before we went and the website I checked said the walk should take about two hours to complete. It took us longer than that because we stopped to admire the views often and frankly, also because I am just slow. It became very clear after about the 10th of many uphill climbs that I have to get back into the gym. Thanks to Claire and a Megan for being patient with me.

We started at Coogee Beach, which is located Coogee, a beachside suburb about five miles southeast of the central business district in Sydney. Coogee beach is popular among families and famous for its safe swimming conditions.

One of the things I was most worried about for this trip was the sun and whether I would be able to adequately protect my skin on days like this where I was outside all day. Luckily, I succeeded. I managed not to get sunburned in Australia, thanks in large part to lots of sunscreen, a striped rash guard that you will see in many photos later, and the hat below.

There are so many amazing coastline views along the walk from Coogee to Bondi. Below is one of them, which was a few minutes from Coogee Beach. What I remember most about this stop was a girl sitting on the very edge of the cliff, beyond the recommended stopping point, on an area that did not look safe (it wasn’t completely solid underneath, it was an overhang). She was trying to get a photo and I couldn’t make myself stand there and watch. I was terrified that the rock piece was going to break off and fall into the ocean with her. I’m such a rule follower so you can chide me for that but sometimes common sense is helpful too. Spoiler: she survived the photo session.

The Pacific Ocean as far as my eyes could see. It doesn’t get any better than that. 💙

_DSC2341 (3)

The views and Megan

_DSC2336 (2)

At one point, the ocean was crashing up against the rocks and neat the path.

_DSC2361 (2)

Megan found a crab or small fish to photograph while we were standing there. We kept laughing because we were waiting for her to get splashed. You can see the wave forming in the background. Spoiler 2: She beat the wave by mere seconds.

_DSC2363 (2)

About halfway into the walk, we came upon the Waverley Cemetery. This cemetery opened in 1877 and is located on top of the cliffs at Bronte in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. It is known for its largely intact Victorian and Edwardian monuments. Waverley Cemetery is one of the largest cemeteries I have seen, totaling 41 acres. It went on and on and on. Given that it’s along the coast, its residents have some of the best ocean views in the world too. Due to construction of the waterfront path, we had to walk through the cemetery to continue on our way to Bondi (this was the official detour route – we didn’t cut through without permission…see rule follower comment above). It may sound strange but I enjoy looking through cemeteries (during the day at least). There is so much history in them. This one was no exception.

_DSC2366 (2)_DSC2371 (2)

_DSC2368 (2)

The cloud below passed through the arch just as we walked by. Perfect timing.

_DSC2376 (2)

More beautiful cliff views…

Below are some really cool rock formations we saw along the way.

_DSC2389 (2)_DSC2390 (2)_DSC2391 (2)

Megan and me

Finally, Bondi Beach was within view! There were several pools like the one below along the coast as we walked. They are public pools, which I thought was very neat.

After spending some time admiring Bondi Beach and the views, we set out for dinner. We went to Doyle’s on the Beach in Watson’s Bay. It’s a seafood restaurant and it was delicious! Watson’s Bay is across the bay from Sydney which allowed us to witness the amazing sunset over Sydney pictured below.

We took the ferry back from Watson’s Bay to Sydney and had to get one more selfie in front of the opera house along the way.

23621214_979558360691_4368134860445798760_n (2)

We finished the evening with a bottle of wine and more conversation on the rooftop of our hotel. What a wonderful day! I am not done blogging about Sydney but my time in Sydney and in Canberra were my favorite parts of my Australian adventure. Chatting, laughing and exploring with Megan and Claire (and her mom later on as well as Gemma and Angela my first night in town) was much needed and made me so happy. Overall, it was just good for my soul.

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